Jodi Puls Teacher of the Week v. Liberty North

How many years have you taught in the Kearney School District?

8 years

  • What grades/subject(s) do you teach?

I teach College Prep English, English 3 Essentials and Creative Writing 2.

  • What does being a Kearney Bulldog mean to you?

Being a Kearney Bulldog means being part of a community that is constantly striving for excellence.

  • Who is your favorite bulldog football player of all time? WHY?

Joe Windsor. He had the best attitude. Joe knew he wasn’t a perfect student, but was always excited to learn something new and was outgoing.

  • If Coach Jones would let you call one offensive play on a Friday night, what play would you call?

Green Georgia. (Yes, I asked a football player to help me answer that one)

  • What does the honor of being selected Teacher of the Week mean to you?

I hope it means that they see me as being similar to Coach Jones, someone who treats them fairly, has high expectations, and motivates them to always do their best.

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