Ward Week 4 Teacher of the Week

1. How many years have you taught in the Kearney School District? This is my 4th year teaching in the Kearney School District. 2. What grades/subject(s) do you teach? American History and American Military Experiences 1012 3. What does being a Kearney Bulldog mean to you? To me, being a Kearney Bulldog, means being a part of a tradition of excellence in both the classroom and the athletic arena. 4. Who is your favorite bulldog football player of all time? WHY? Cale Garrett. Why??? Why not? He's a hard working, dedicated kid. I'd let him date my daughter. 5. If Coach Jones would let you call one offensive play on a Friday night, what play would you call? “The Annexation of Puerto Rico” with Lyle Reel at QB 6. What does the honor of being selected Teacher of the Week mean to you? Anytime a successful organization recognizes your hard work and dedication, you obviously walk a little bit taller. Knowing what amazing teachers and support staff we have in our building, it’s an honor to be mentioned in that company.

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