How many years have you taught in the Kearney School District?

This is year 11.

What grades/subject(s) do you teach?

7th Grade Math and Pre Algebra

What does being a Kearney Bulldog mean to you?

Pride, Tradition, History, Respect.

Who is your favorite bulldog football player of all time? WHY?

It’s a tie –

My dad, John Kern, (whom I would have loved to watch) was a Kearney Bulldog Quarterback from 1968-1971. I grew up listening to stories of him and his Bulldog teammates and their feats on the field. Legend has it… they were pretty good. J He played for coach TJ Brown.

Secondly, my little brother, John P. Kern. Johnny was a Kearney Bulldog under Coach John Morrison, during the 1994 – 1996 seasons. He played running back and linebacker for the

Bulldogs. I loved watching him play throughout high school.

If Coach Jones would let you call one offensive play on a Friday night, what play would you call?

Hmmm…Depends…. If it’s 3rd and short at the 40, I’d say – Go deep. But, if it’s 1st and 10 at our 20, maybe a reverse! Oh! Or a reverse on the kickoff! That would be fun (guess that’s not really an offensive play call though)!

What does the honor of being selected Teacher of the Week mean to you?

Oh my gosh! I am on cloud nine! I just love getting to keep up with these kids’ amazing accomplishments both on and off the field. I absolutely cannot tell you what an honor it is to be selected by these guys! I had so much fun getting to know them as 7th graders, and it’s been such a pleasure to follow them throughout their high school careers!

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