P.C. Teacher of the Week

1. How many years have you taught in the Kearney School District?

I have been a teacher in the Kearney School District for fourteen years.

2. What grades/subject(s) do you teach?

I spend my day with seniors in my Technical and Business Communication and College Prep English classes.

3. What does being a Kearney Bulldog mean to you?

Kearney Bulldogs work hard, cheer hard, help others and always represent our school and community in the best way possible. I am proud to be a Bulldog!

4. Who is your favorite bulldog football player of all time? WHY? I hate this question, but it has to be Tyler Bosley for always showing courage and determination. Also, I need to give a nod to my own bulldog player Anthony Antos.

5. If Coach Gray would let you call one Defensive play on a Friday night, what play would you call?

I would call COWBOY with a blitz backup.

6. What does the honor of being selected Teacher of the Week mean to you?

It shows that my kids know that I care about them and that my high expectations will only make them better.

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